“Never give to the mind more than you give the hand.”
-Maria Montessori


Your child’s experience in pre school will dictate his or her attitude for the rest of his or her student life. This is why Macquarie Pre School has chosen the Montessori Method for your child’s first learning experiences. As a child-centered school, you will feel at ease knowing that your kids are enjoying their childhood while they discover themselves through learning.


Macquarie Prep School will stay committed to its students by giving them the best guidance in their physical, emotional, social, and academic development through the Montessori Method of teaching.

We will uphold a culture of inclusivity, openness, trust, respect and collaboration among teachers, parents, and school administrators to shape an environment that lets children master their abilities and experience independence and responsibility.

We will maintain a culture of innovation so we may at all times, provide the best and most appropriate curriculum, materials, routines and activities that enrich every student’s unique developmental needs.

We will nurture a sense of community so our children not only help themselves; they also help each other in any and all aspects of their development.

Our Vision

Our vision at Macquarie Pre School is to nurture students to their fullest potential by fostering their innate sense for learning. We aim to guide the next generation of student-leaders who will embody discipline, perseverance, and academic excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission at Macquarie Pre School is to mold competent and well-rounded students through the Montessori way of instruction and education. By ensuring they have developed the necessary critical thinking skills and leadership abilities, they will hopefully become distinguished leaders in their field. We are committed to provide and maintain a safe and conducive environment for learning, exploration, and self-development which will further hone our students’ individual talents.

Our Story

Our school foundation and history stems from the desire to offer the best quality of child care and education in the country. Anchoring on the principles of Montessori Method of Education, Macquarie Preparatory School was built by Kristine Tagle, President and School Directress. Her search for the most effective and complete form of education to aid children during their foundational stage is what led to her mission to establish an educational

Macquarie Preparatory School is committed to its students, to reach their maximum capabilities, teaching them core principles and skills to become responsible and caring individuals. Developing the partnership among the home and community, the school stays true to its vision of helping its students to grow and become good citizens of this country.

It is our mission to hone and mold our students into becoming responsible individuals of great mind and character.

Implementing a complete bonafide Montessori Programs, Macquarie Preparatory School reflects its core values through its offering. Guided by the
Montessori Philosophy of Education, we believe that children learn their best by doing things themselves. The children are given the opportunity to learn basic knowledge and develop skills through hands-on experiences. It is our aim to teach them to take responsibility and trust their own ability to think and solve problems independently. We take pride in assuring for a competitive advantage through training the children with a quality standard framework.

We, at Macquarie Preparatory School commits to joining you, hand in hand, to protect your children’s dreams and to help them strengthen their foundational skills and well-being.

Our Values

At Macquarie Preparatory School, each student is fully supported to develop their skills in an effective and authentic method.

We work through our core values, along with our team of certified educators who are committed to guiding students reach their maximum potential. It is our vision to close the connection gap between the school, community and home by providing a safe space to learn in a number of different ways, in a very positive and culminating environment.

INTELLECTUAL – Developing a passion for learning, an open and positive attitude of mind, a strong work ethic and the pursuit of academic excellence
CULTURAL – Encouragement to appreciation of the creative, participation to performing arts and musical shows.
PHYSICAL – Involvement on physical fitness, games and activities and a consciousness of the need to live a healthy and active lifestyle
SOCIAL – Teaching the love of community expressed in care and consideration of others, courtesy, co-operation, honesty, citizenship and service
CARE AND COMPASSION – Learning self-care and others through self- discovery and social community
DOING YOUR BEST – Seeking to accomplish something worthy and admirable, try hard, pursue excellence.
HONESTY AND TRUSTWORTHINESS – Practicing honesty, sincerity and learning to seek the truth.
INTEGRITY – Acting in accordance to principles of moral and ethical conduct.
RESPECT – Treating others with consideration and regard, respecting another person’s point of view.
RESPONSIBILITY – Learning to be accountable for one’s actions, resolve differences in constructive, non-violent and peaceful ways, contribute to society and to civic life, take care of the environment.
UNDERSTANDING, TOLERANCE AND INCLUSION – Awareness of others and their cultures, accepting diversity, being included and including others.

What We Do

The Montessori Method of Education is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. The core values lies in the development of whole child, including the physical, social, emotional and cognitive.

Macquarie Preparatory School takes pride in our beautifully crafted classrooms that are designed to meet the needs of children in a specific age range. We want the children to be able to make creative choices in their learning, with the guidance of our highly trained teachers who offer age appropriate activities to the students. Children work in groups and individually to discover and explore knowledge of the world and to develop their maximum potential.

Every material used by Macquarie Preparatory School supports an aspect of child development, creating a match between the child’s natural interests and the available activities. The students can learn through their own experience and at their own pace. They can respond at any moment to the natural curiosities that exist in all humans and build a solid foundation for life-long learning.