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Computer users are often amazed by the lack of special tools in Windows. One so-missing gadget is the ability to record screen activities, such as displaying or typing. You can make screenshots, but there are no built-in video features. This is such a small thing that software developers like to fill out, producing programs that are useful for different small tasks. One such program is free screen recorder, which is free, as the name implies and energetically, soft;

The perfect for a free screen presentation is only a screen, a compact Windows recording program that lets you record the Vievans that occur on the screen. The most obvious use of this is to make instructions for securing the recommendations and presentations that this software exceeds ({“Browse-app-desktop”);}); This program records your screen and speaker audio at the same time, or you can burn it over the top microphone, ideal for securing instructions. The players will be useful to shoot penetration when we talk on top.

There are a number of features that can be translated into which they give you some flexibility about this software, such as the ability to record or full screen, or only one window (perfect when few are needed). You can also choose to capture directly from the camera. You can record screen pictures during recording and output in different high-quality formats, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV and; Filming in the press, in terms of usability, a free-screen snapshot makes very good for a free program. Although capture is not always perfect, there are many settings that will be adjusted and it is very easy to restore a simple box of mobile phones with confirm and drop-down options such as the camera’s source. Even though he’s not interesting enough, he’s fast and very easy. There are a lot of small touch to ease life and add functionality, such as the ability to add text to water and pictures of your entries. This is very important for those who want to write down video or presentations on instruction. Adding can be a great pain later.

You can also add hot keys to start, freeze, and stop recording, which is very useful if you don’t want to change Windows or search for the mouse. For those who want to see visible mice, click the view and sound that can make the Epiphany point on the presentation that is much more efficient;

What you see is what you get! The free screen recording Program does what it says doesn’t make arguments. Without costs, you can download this small program in seconds and quickly access the record tool on a single button that opens many events to record games, open presentations, or play with the visual ability of your computer. Those who seek a more professional tool can be disappointed, but a liquid place is big to have;


Wallpaper Engine Torrent

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The wallpaper engine is a special software that makes it easy for users to create impressive 2d and 3d wallpapers that can be applied to all kinds of laptops and computers. While users can be busy creating their own wallpapers from scratch, the software also comes with a huge collection of existing wallpapers that is similar to being Proekihora, which has not used any software of this type on a previous is Probable finding, that there is little time to learn how to motor wallpaper. Fortunately, there is a practical lesson that helps users to start the learning process and make it as painless as possible. In addition to thousands of different wallpapers that can be customized on will, the software also has a wide range of features that make it very easy to cut, knit or move different parts of wallpaper, change colors, Special effects to add and do a lot ( Function () {(“View-apt-page-Desktop”);}); Take the board of Wallpaper Obučvpreki rather boring name, motor wallpapers really blow packages in terms of quality of graphics and features included. Those with an eye for graphic design and want to buy their own computer wallpapers for their personal enjoyment or for professional purposes, you will probably find that the wallpaper train has everything you need to meet their needs.


Virtual CloneDrive download torrent

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Have you ever needed to burn ISO, IMG file or DVD but don’t have a spare disk or simply do not want to go to the need to do so? If Yes, did you know that you can mount ISO files virtually using virtual drives like Virtual CloneDrive? Effectively, it’s like adding an extra DVD drive to your machine, but there are only virtually on your desktop. You can also use it to create an image file that can be later inserted into the virtual drive from your hard disk or a network drive and thus be used as normal (function () {(“study-application-site-Desktop”);}); To use it, you don’t even need access to home. You can either mount the file by right-clicking on it or through explorer that will give you the option to mount from there. When you do so, you will usually be asked if you want Virtual CloneDrive to run ISO files or IMG. In addition, it will ask you if you want to browse the contents of the only problems I have experienced with it is in Vista which is not officially supported but it works with. but it seems that when you have done the first Mountain, if you try to start another one, it cannot be answered or just allows you to browse files from which you can run the files manually CloneDrive is a great tool and easy to release and DVD drive you have to write the Pre va nting DVD IMG and ISO files.


Microsoft Office 2013 32bit torrent download

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MS Office 2013, which is developing with 2010 is one of the Microsoft Star products. One of its major innovations compared to MS Office 2010 is enhanced support for file format, user interface, and support function.;( (“View-App-Desktop”);});

Notable features, new features

With the new read-optimized touch-screen mode, Word 2013 can be skimmed through a finger-free document. Making changes to documents was a great renovation and improved to facilitate document editing. Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus also edits PDF files without additional software, making it a direct competitor to Adobe Acrobat.

In Excel 2013, the new fill-flash feature automatically copies the selected cell fields. Excel parses the entire table, detects cell relationships, and suggests a value or text. Excel also facilitates the creation of tables and the generation of GRAFIKSBI Sugžestionsin in addition. The new Funkciâv Express analysis from Microsoft Office 2013 allows you to see certain formatting options on the spreadsheet itself.

PowerPoint 2013 divides the presenter mode into two different views for the public and host. In addition to the presentation, you can also view a bulleted list and see more information about the presenter’s screen. In the tablets, you daprevklûčvate between slides izpolizvaprsti gestures, paint with a ballpoint pen for a movie conference, or use a virtual laser pointer.

In all Outlook 2013 views, it combines menus for appointments, contacts, and tasks. The emails in Outlook 2013 are now friendly tablets and you can see if you want, in a list optimized with large areas.

Optimized tactile use and minimalist design by Windows 8

If you are using Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, you will understand that there are some changes. The famous bar tape expands only when it is needed and is designed to work with your fingers on the touch screen. In addition to the image, you can embed HTML concode videos in Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus. All applications come with a new optimized touchscreen display mode.

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus uses the same minimalist design tiles as Windows 8, and everything seems to be formed together; There are large icons and perfectly positioned for the features of Tânavažni, while the new templates provide spreadsheets and visually appealing presentations.

Conclusion: Improved Office suite

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus comes with a lot of useful features that allows you to be Selektiraniizpolzvani Priyatnadzor display devices. Unfortunately, the Office package is more than just a tablet. Many items to choose from and options are too small for inexperienced fingers.

Other features of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, however, are much more convincing: PDF Editor Oferiznačitelno Improving collaborative editing of options, there is Eoblak integration with SkyDrive as well as ADD-on, how to attach videos from YouTube Great innovation. If you are looking for a more affordable version compatible with MS office, you can always check the WPS office



Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 update Download Torrent

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is the sequel to the 2010 Budget’s successful surprise. This game uses CryEngine 3, which gives a beautiful graphics. The core of the game is the same. The hotel has a fun atmosphere, silly action movie, with a single-player linear campaign, and bare-bones multiplayer mode.
(Function {(‘ review-App-Page-Desktop ‘);}); The multiplayer game is disappointing
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is not a subtle game. The story is ridiculous, but it takes you through lush forests, to Sarajevo and to the mountains of Tibet. Some of the segments to see you work with Scout, or support other teams. In this section you will be guided through where to look and who to kill. How difficult it is depending on the configuration. Medium difficulty gives you the red dots that help you to allow distance and wind when shooting, but this was eliminated in the hard.
Multiplayer section. It puts two groups of snipers against each other. This makes the game quite quiet, because the Sniper search is another process that is slow and tiring. You really need to be more creative to create a creepy undead life multiplayer in Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2.

Good control is handled. You can hold your breath for a while, slowing down time, allowing you to take more accurate shots, and generally playing as a first person shooter by default. Infrared mode and night vision are well-made, but it is seldom necessary to use it creatively.
Although never reached the level of dishonored or Hitman, there are parts of the puzzle to see and learn the movement of the army, and it is good to get through the levels that are not detected. A handsome environment does not allow exploration of the many, and there is not the same level of interesting details as that of dishonored.

Quality of
The enemy will be a little hard to predict. When you’re in a great distance, and guided by your team, it doesn’t matter. When you fight on your own, you decided that the first to notice the enemy doesn’t always give you the results they predicted. If you discover and ran by some soldiers, you will find the weapon pathetically underpowered to protect it! You can get the enemy so close to another without problems sometimes, but if you get lost, they will generally remember everyone with your position. But no conclusion
In addition to AI Chunga, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is good, if short, denounced the adventure. No bloody rounds sniper Elite Cam: V2 sniper game, but still fixed.